Part Cleaning Operations

Offering Multiple Parts Washer Services

Part Cleaning Services and Machines

DuPage Machine Products offers several industrial parts cleaning options to our customers. Using Durr Ecoclean, IFP, Ultrasonic and Ransohoff machines, we optimize the handling and cleanliness requirements of each part.

Simple, Effective Parts Cleaner Services

DuPage Machine Products cleans every part it produces — up to millions of parts per year — primarily from stainless and other types of steel. After trying several cleaning processes, we found that the hydrocarbon-based parts cleaning system works best for us and our customers.

Our system utilizes a non-chlorinated hydrocarbon cleaning process to deliver the reliability of solvent-based cleaning without the environmental complications of traditional chlorinated solvent washers. Using non-chlorinated hydrocarbons to remove oils, greases, emulsions and swarf between and after manufacturing processes has proven to be a highly effective and safe cleaning method.

Although the Durr Ecoclean Universal 81C machine was costly, the results are well worth it! The hydrocarbon process is the fastest, most efficient method we have tried. The parts come out completely dry and the rust inhibitor is particularly effective.