Swiss CNC Single Spindle Machining

CNC Machining Services

Swiss Lathe Machining and CNC Machining

CNC Swiss Machining

Precision Swiss machining lathes are designed to create custom parts quickly and accurately and are ideal for large production runs on small-diameter parts. The workpiece turns and moves back and forth while various tools cut away the features of the part. DuPage Machine Products utilizes a CNC Swiss-type automation lathe with 7-axis movement and pickoff.

CNC Turning Machining

CNC turning machines rotate the material as a machine tool is fed to the piece. The process is a subtractive one, in which material is removed to create the finished component. With Okuma, Puma and Mori-Seiki machines, we have full CNC machining capabilities, including y-axis for large-capacity parts to 3.000 inches in diameter, 48 potential tooling positions, dual turret, dual spindle and 11-axis CNC machining capability for large-diameter parts. Y-axis is available for off-center machining operations.